When Time-sensitivity is a craving, does your courier service deliver?

Courier services play a pertinent role in the growth and development of any business. A delay, or missed delivery could spell the difference between customer retention, a positive word-of-mouth or a negative word-of-mouth and customer churn (loss of customers).


Acral Courier Centre is a courier service company in Ghana that offers safe delivery at reasonable rates for shipments within and outside Ghana, best online services - responsive chat platform on the website and periodical exciting offers tailored for both our regular and new customers.

What do you Value?


Did you know that having a courier service partner can help you stand-out amongst your competitors? After staff of a company have laboured for weeks and forfeited sleep and family time, putting together what you and your team deem as a winning bid for a project that could sustain your company for a while. Then you fall short on your bid submission due to your inability to meet the deadline by fault of not having a trusted courier partner. It may seem far-fetched to you but the outcome of not having a trusted courier partner makes such circumstances become customary. Why leave such delicate and relevant belonging to untrusted courier service providers with more faulty bikes than delivery success? On another leg, an E-commerce company is another such business that requires reliable deliveries of goods on demand to their clients. At Acral, we understand the importance of such service to your clients as a delivery service is the last contact your clients would have with your business. Our commitment to you, is to ensure that same-day delivery is not a myth nor a marketing ploy anymore but a reality which would enforce positive-word-of-mouth for your brand as well as retention of your customers for your continued growth. At Acral Courier Centre, timeliness, professionalism and reliability are our hallmark.

Reasonable Rates?

At Acral Courier Centre, we know the times that we face currently. Thus, we have adjusted our rates accordingly to ensure that you get the best value for our services offered at considerably, 'easy on the pocketbook' rates. Besides, we have good payment plans for our corporate clients; weekly, bi-weekly or monthly plans to buttress our desire to never become a burden but to remain a strategic partner for your continuous growth.


We ensure that we handle your parcels or cargo goods as well as we would handle our finances to ensure that your goods arrive at the right destination in its original state.


Take advantage of Acral Courier's current promotion worth 30% off deliveries within Ghana and you will be glad you did. Kindly call us on: (+233) 030 295 1327 || Whatsapp: 050 8755 744


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